Raising Toxin-Free Kids In A Toxic World: How I Do It & You Can Too

Raising Toxin-Free Kids In A Toxic World: How I Do It & You Can Too

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Raising toxin-free kids is a lot of work, but it’s so *worth* it. If this post on raising toxin-free kids inspires you, would you drop a quick "yes!" in the comments to let us know?

As a mom of three boys, I have tried my best to avoid toxins just by choosing more natural products at every turn, from food and drinks to skincare and household products. But I never knew if my choices were making a difference until my kids' integrative and homeopathic doctor added a test to measure toxicity levels to my oldest son's bloodwork, as we tested his nutrient levels (he's a very picky eater). While there was balancing to be done in other areas, his toxicity levels were lower than the lowest score in the test; something the doctor had never seen before. Out of curiosity, I had my toxicity levels tested next, and my integrative medical doctor repeated the same: "your toxicity level was lower than what the test can even register." Our choices count. 

Where does toxin exposure in kids come from? 

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), toxic ingredients can be found in pretty much anything you use on, in, and around your kids daily. While medications and personal care items are some of the biggest culprits, anything from laundry detergent to perfume can be filled with toxins. 

Dangerous toxins can lurk in the most unexpected places and are used to make things you use on your kids skin daily like hand soap or shampoo. Even seemingly harmless things like burning a scented candle can release toxins into the air in your home. Did you know that even certain pots and pans are made with chemicals that can leech into your food? Toxins are literally everywhere!

What problems can toxin exposure in kids cause?

With so much exposure to toxic ingredients everywhere you turn these days, you may find yourself wondering “What’s the point?” (After all, it can be a lot of work.) Well, toxin exposure in kids can cause a whole host of problems that can actually lead to lifelong health issues.

Most commonly, hormone disrupting chemicals are key problem ingredients to avoid when looking for products for kids. You can protect your kids from harmful chemicals that can cause lasting problems simply by paying attention and choosing products that don't contain them. 

From chemicals that can lead to brain damage over time to skin irritants that can cause itching and unsightly bumps, it's important to educate yourself on all of the ways that toxins creep into your family's life each day. The EWG has an entire arsenal of information for parents that covers everything from pesticides in produce to sunscreen safety tips.

Why is raising toxin-free kids so important to the moms who do it?

I’m far from the only mom out there who is invested in raising toxin-free kids, but the “why” is slightly different for each parent. There are plenty of us out there — and many, many of us on social media make it a point to spread the word to help other moms (aka YOU!) make the best choices for your kids.

Below, two of these moms shared their reasons for living toxin-free with Daily Jungle:

Sarah Gray, aka @wellnesseverevolving on Instagram, aims to help make the nontoxic lifestyle attainable for busy moms by sharing her own tips for a healthier lifestyle:

“For me as a Mom, it is so important to keep my kids lives toxin free because children are the most vulnerable beings. Our kiddos are not just ‘mini adults.’ Their bodies and brains are still growing and developing making them the most sensitive to toxic chemicals in everyday products. While daunting to figure out how to reduce kids chemical exposure, it is so worth it as the jury is still out on how some of these chemicals impact our body and brain development o we time and long term exposure. By choosing toxin free products, teaching my kids to read labels, and educating them on ingredients I can help them live a longer healthier life!”

Jenna Johnson, aka @nontoxicmamabear on Instagram, is a mom of three who started her nontoxic journey six years ago:

“It is important for me as a mom to be toxin free and to raise my children this way. Unfortunately I did not have this knowledge as I was growing up. My parents fed us a lot of junk food and processed foods as well as canned foods which I’m sure contributed to many health problems that I have today. Our world is toxic and so many people are unaware of the dangers that chemicals pose in our lives. Raising our children with the awareness will help them to grow into intelligent, well-rounded individuals. They will make better choices for themselves and their families in the future. I have always believed in taking action, and raising awareness in order to educate people about toxins. From beauty products to toothpaste and also soap… Many people are unaware of the dangers that ingredients pose to our health.” 

Jenna is also writing a collection of children’s books that will focus on teaching children the harm of chemicals and toxins in the world with the goal of inspiring them to make a change. In her words: “We must teach our children to be the change they want to see.”

How do you avoid exposure to harmful or toxic ingredients with your kids?

It’s a lot of work to raise toxin-free kids, but it’s worth it to keep your family healthy. Pay close attention to labels when shopping for food, household cleaners, and skincare products.

Especially when you’re shopping for products that will come into contact with your child’s skin, it’s important to look for products that bear the EWG seal like Daily Jungle's Rush Brush to ensure that the things you buy are toxic-free.

The Rush Brush is one of 2,153 products that has been approved for the EWG Verified mark. To earn this distinction, a product must be free from all of EWG’s ingredients of concern and meet the strictest of health and safety standards, developed by EWG through two decades of scientific research. Basically, it means you can feel safe using it on your kids because there are no toxins allowed!

Rush Brush has NO: 

  • phthalates
  • parabens
  • artificial fragrances
  • other concerning chemicals

If you're ready to take the first step toward raising toxin-free kids, (or want to add to your already awesome cabinet full of natural, healthy products for kids) don’t forget to add the Rush Brush to your shopping cart!




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Let me know what other tips you have for raising toxin-free kids in a toxic world — I'd love to hear from you! DM me or comment on Instagram on the post about this article @annabelladaily or @dailyjunglekids. 

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