Natural Cold Remedies for Kids

Natural Cold Remedies for Kids

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Tips To Help You Get Rid of Gunk & Germs

If I had a magic wand, I would miraculously extinguish kids' colds. With just a swish and a flick, they'd be gone for good! Instead, I use these 4 Natural Cold Remedies that are almost-as-good-as-magic tricks to stifle my boys' sniffles, colds, and runny noses.

At first glance, it might seem like too much effort for just a "little cold," but even the littlest colds can have a big impact on a busy parent like me. 

If my kids can't sleep, neither can I. When they're cranky, I wish I could order patience from Amazon. And to top it all off, I have to scramble to redesign schedules and responsibilities if they miss school, sports, or other activities. 

Colds can often also lead to chapped lips and skin around the nose and mouth. This can become a chronic challenge and almost impossible to heal quickly. And, if the cold lasts long enough, it can become infectious and create even bigger problems.

In short, colds are messy. And they make everything else a mess, too. So, I prefer to just nip it in the bud! :-) Here's how:

1. Saline Nasal Spray for Kids: 

Have you ever used a neti pot? Similarly, using a nasal salt spray can help keep your kiddo's nose clear.

We make regular nasal spray cleanses a part of our evening routine. (Well, whenever we remember - because yes, that's good enough!) We do it right before teeth brushing and face cleansing and hydrating with the Rush Brush!


2. Facial Cupping: 

A trained specialist sweeps small, soft cups across the face in a specific pattern to clear and drain the lymph nodes. It's essentially a way to detox the face. 

I discovered this when my massage therapist, who is certified in cupping and lymphatic drainage, suggested I swap my massage for facial cupping to help my runny nose. It cleared me up so much that I took my boys to her the very next day! Since just 1-2 treatments cleared our sinuses, I was sold. It feels like a gentle massage, and even my super active boys found it soothing enough to keep laying down.

Bonus: It also calms the nervous system! Plus, the sooner you do it after you feel the cold coming on, the quicker it works. Find a trained cupping specialist to see for yourself. Many acupuncturists and other holistic practitioners are trained in facial cupping - just ask!


3. Salt Cave Session: 

Inside a room made of pink Himalayan salt, you breathe in microparticles of anti-inflammatory dry salt that are continuously pumped into the air. It's like a nasal spray on steroids, while also an extremely calming and relaxing experience. 

When I first heard about salt caves, I really thought it was a gimmicky relaxation session. (But it was obviously something I totally had to try!) As it turns out, there are a ton of benefits, so I took my boys to give it a try and was blown away by the results. For my boys and me, it's been magic in both fighting off a cold that's about to start, drying out a runny nose or a nasal drip, and helping us breathe easier. You may need more than one session for persistent symptoms, but for my kids, even just one session was helpful.

Many salt cocoons actually offer salt therapy sessions for kids ages 1 and up. While it's a time for adults to kick back and relax, kids sessions usually allow them to play in the salt on the ground while reaping the benefits of the time spent inside the cave. Google "salt cave" to find one near you.

Natural Cold Remedies for Kids

4. Rush Brush - Kids' Face Wash & Balm: 

Nobody likes germs. That's why cleaning your child's face is critical when they have a cold.

Applying the Rush Brush to first cleanse, then soothe and hydrate, their faces is part of my boys' daily evening routine, but it's even more important during a cold. The germy, gunky build-up from runny noses and sneezes on the face can be intense, and I always notice my boys' facial skin getting more irritated during these times.

To help, I use Rush Brush multiple times a day. First, to quickly cleanse the skin so germs don't irritate it. Then, again to soothe the skin, and function as a protective barrier for the inevitable onslaught of snot and sneezes. If their lips are very chapped from frequent lip licking, I add some lip balm, too.


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The next time a kid's cold comes your way, I hope these tips help you nip it in the bud!

xx Annabella Daily

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