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"Just wait it out, it will take care of itself,” the pediatrician said again. We were at yet another appointment where he observed the countless slightly raised, itchy, skin-colored and red bumps grouped all over my 6-year-old son’s body. Though the were completely harmless, I couldn’t wait. (And really, how could any mom when her son's skin is bothering him?)

It had been well over a year since my son's molluscum contagiosum — a very common kids’ skin virus, also simply called molluscum — had appeared, continuously spreading, getting worse and increasingly more uncomfortable. Per the CDC, the lesions from this harmless virus typically disappear within 6-12 months, but can sometimes take up to 4 years to subside.

My search for a natural way to heal molluscum begins

With summer camps approaching, I couldn’t imagine what my son's experience would be like if I sent him with lesions like that covering so much of his body, running around in swim trunks and hopping into the swimming pools with new and old friends around. They looked scary even to me, so how would other kids react? Not to mention, molluscum lesions can also be contagious in close contact or in pools, even though it's nearly impossible to trace where the virus comes from.

(Side note: The skin virus never did spread to any other member of our family, and we never took any special precautions against it.) 

Determined to help my son's skin heal in a hurry, I called around to dermatologist offices and did my research. The treatment guidance was always the same: burning them off with lasers one by one, steroids, or medicinal skin creams so toxic even pregnant women can’t take them. But it seemed like no one I spoke to had even tried any natural remedies. There had to be something, I just knew it. So, I kept on researching. 

Then, I stumbled upon an absolute gem. In a small scale study done in Australia, a group of kids had been given various different natural remedies for molluscum contagiosum. Out of the options presented in the study, I chose the one I believed to be the most doable, pleasant, and efficient. And with that, I set out to formulate a DIY remedy. 

My home remedy for molluscum contagiosum 

I ordered and mixed 4 ounces of intensely hydrating and soothing organic fractionated coconut oil with 240 drops of organic Australian lemon myrtle oil, basing my homemade concoction on the successful percentages the study had used. I gently patted the ointment onto all of my son’s lesions. At this point they were so red, itchy, and swollen that some were scratched completely open. 

The first few applications out of our new, twice-daily DIY home remedy routine created a slight burning sensation on his skin. Adding coconut oil straight from a jar right on top slightly diluted the potency of the mixture and soothed the sensation. It instantly worked like a charm. The itching quickly subsided and after the first week of application, none of the lesions were open anymore. My son actually reported having no uncomfortable sensations at all! It was just like applying any oil to his skin with a light, lemony scent. 

Some moms on social media mentioned to me that their kids seemed to have gotten molluscum when their skin was especially dry, so I also added the soothing, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory Rush Brush onto the lesions once a day by squeezing the balm onto my hand from the brush head. I knew Rush Brush would be additionally healing, and provide the needed moisture onto his skin as it soaked in and healed from my natural home remedy.  

After one month, my son's molluscum had healed

The results were dramatic to us. Week by week, the lesions flattened, narrowed, and vanished en masse, until around the 30 day mark when there were almost none left. I kept up with this home remedy for about another two weeks, until my son's skin was 100% clear.  

Before I experienced my son having molluscum myself, I had no idea how common this skin virus was. I also didn't understand how desperate moms like me were to help their kids get rid of it because experts usually only offer treatments that seem just as uncomfortable and dangerous (or even more so) than the virus itself. 

Now I know that there are other options — safe, natural ones at that — to allow our kids to live their life to the fullest, be at summer camp or in the swimming pool without fear of judgement, and just be comfortable in their own skin. 

Have your kids ever had molluscum? How long did it take two go away? Would you try this remedy? If you do, I’m so curious to see what results you get! Please DM me at @annabelladaily or @dailyjunglekids! 

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