How to Create an Independent Evening Routine for Kids!

How to Create an Independent Evening Routine for Kids!

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10 Things Kids Can Do Themselves to Reset Your Nighttime Routine

Do you love your kids to the moon and back, but could really use less chaos and more calm? Does an easier evening that’s actually a little more fun sound like a dream? Daily Jungle’s 10-step Bedtime Bliss Routine can turn your dream into reality - follow these steps to create an Independent Evening Routine for Kids!

Daily Jungle Kids Independent Bedtime Routine

Not sure where to begin?

I like to call these my 10 "I'm the master of my routine" steps. Even kids as young as age 2 can start learning how to master the steps in this nighttime routine. As your kids get older, they'll be able to do more and more of it on their own. 

Every child is different, so it's important to follow their lead, but this is a truly great - not to mention easy to implement - starting point for parents who need a routine reset.

10 Steps to Bedtime Bliss

  1. Get pajamas out.
  2. Take a shower.
  3. Dry themselves off.
  4. Hang up the towel. 
  5. Put on pajamas.
  6. Brush their teeth.
  7. Wash their face with the Rush Brush.
  8. Put clothes in the laundry basket.
  9. Choose a book.
  10. Get in bed, read, and snuggle.

Cara using Rush Brush in the evening

My Real-Life Tips for a Bedtime Bliss Routine With Kids

Now you might be thinking: that it's easier said than done. But if I can do it with my three boys, so can you. Here's how to make this also "easily done!"

First, introduce the routine to your child by telling them you are doing a new evening routine. Reinforce the idea that they will be the master of this routine and that it will allow you both to maximize time together for the good stuff - more snuggles and reading and sharing about the day!

You can use rewards and incentives like the ones below for motivation. I also encourage my kids - not with praise - but with comments that help build their own confidence. 

Annabella with child

How to set up the routine, so your kids can own it:

  • Use a paper print-out of your nighttime routine with each step clearly shown - like the one at the end of this post! - and tape it on the wall or on doors in spaces that are part of the routine, or in a space that's easy for your kid to return back to, to keep viewing the chart after each step.
  • Have spaces for each step for each day of the week, where your kid can make their mark after they complete the step
  • Magnet boards are also great, and you can add a magnet (my kids love the star-shaped ones) next to each task after it's completed.

Reward Ideas:

  • Star stickers on a print-out of the routine
  • Pom poms in a large mason jar
    • Set up two large glass mason jars (one filled with pom poms and one empty) in their room. They can add one pompom into the empty jar after each task or every time the whole routine is completed - whatever works best for them.
  • Glow-in-the-dark star for their room
    • Get a sheet of glow-in-the-dark stickers and have your child take one star from the sheet after the routine is completed to build their own "galaxy" on the wall next to the bed.

Independent Evening Routine for Kids Daily Jungle Rush Brush Illustration

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